The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney needs to earn the public’s trust.  We will do this by demanding uncompromising integrity from deputies and staff, by exposing internal failures, and by establishing a new standard of competence and transparency.  All decisions will be governed by a simple principle: What is the right thing to do?    

The Department of the Prosecuting Attorney needs honest and effective leadership that is capable of molding 21st Century Prosecutors.  We need generational change to keep up with proven tactics and advancements being implemented around the country.  Our focus will be on serious crimes, serial offenders, and precision prosecution.  

Criminal justice reform is sweeping the country because it is morally correct and helping to make safer communities.  We need a Prosecuting Attorney that has the courage to face the failures of past practices and chart a new direction forward.  If elected, I will support broad reforms and take the necessary steps to minimize incarceration for non-violent offenders, to remedy unjust practices, and to fight against inhumane conditions in our prison system.