The Golden Rule

Prosecutorial decision-making will always begin with a simple question: what is the right thing to do?

As ministers of justice, deputies will be instructed to perform their duties with independent thinking and moral courage. This means that we will take tough cases to trial, but we will also not pursue frivolous charges.

I will demand honesty and integrity from all representatives of the office and lead – every day, in every case – by example.


I will work closely with county, State, and federal agencies to expose ethical failures and internal corruption. We will work tirelessly to right those wrongs.

To be clear: transparency will be the rule, never the exception. I will establish, publicize, enforce, and continually refine standards governing prosecutorial decision-making. While every outcome may not be agreed with, they will be understood. Media inquiries will not be deflected or ignored. Public scrutiny will not be feared.

We can no longer afford to do things the way they’ve been done. The “old-boy network” and backroom deals come to an end – at least so far as the Prosecutor’s Office is concerned – come 2020.

Community Forums

On a regular basis, I will hold community forums – from Waianae to Hawaii Kai – wherein I will engage with members of the public on any issue related to citizen safety. Whether there are questions regarding cases, internal practices, or our direction going forward, I will make sure that your voices are heard, and your inquiries answered. The time has come to remind the citizens of Honolulu that your Prosecuting Attorney is a servant of the public. If elected, I will do just that.

Office Audit

I will seek out an independent third party to conduct an internal audit of the Prosecutor’s Office. The audit will evaluate case dispositions, plea negotiations, prosecutorial resources, and prior administrative conduct. Findings will be released to the public, along with recommendations for how we should proceed going forward. We will target to have the audit completed within 100 days from the start of my Administration.

Conviction Integrity Unit

I will implement a Conviction Integrity Unit comprised of prosecutors, defense attorneys, retired judges, and other qualified individuals, who will be tasked with reviewing past convictions, potentially exonerating evidence, and prosecutorial misconduct. This unit will act as an independent body and will submit recommendations for my review and approval.